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The best Settings


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on: July 03, 2021, 04:29:31 PM
These Settings are based on competitive Players settings and may not work perfectly for you.

The best video settings for CS:GO
Brightness: 80 percent
Ofc depending on your monitor settings
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 1280×960
These settings will basically stretch the game and things will look slightly off at first, but player models will get larger with these settings
Display mode: Fullscreen
Laptop power savings: Disabled

Advanced video settings
Global shadow quality: High
Generally keeping all settings low is the best for competitive play, but the high quality shadows lets you spot enemies better.
Model / Texture detail: Low
Texture streaming: Disabled
Effect detail: Low
Shader detail: Low
Boost player contrast: Enabled
Multi-core rendering: Enabled
This only makes sense with a multi-core processor.
Multisampling anti-aliasing mode: 8x MSAA
While it requires some level of resources, it makes the game look a lot more smoother by making edges clearer. This setting is crucial for players looking to increase their headshot rate. If you notice your frames dropping significantly after turning on the anti-aliasing features, we recommend turning them off.
FXAA anti-aliasing: Enabled
Texture filtering mode: Anisotropic 8x
Texture filtering mode usually has almost no impact on your frame rates, and enabling it makes the game look noticeably better.
Wait for vertical sync: Disabled
When your machine does have problems to achieve stable high fps, it might be an option to enable vertical sync
Motion blur: Disabled
Triple-monitor mode: Disabled
Use uber shaders: Disabled

The best crosshair settings for CS:GO
This if of course not this important - personal preferences can vary

Crosshair style: Classic static
Center dot: No
Length: 3.0
Thickness: 1.1
Gap: -3.0
Outline: Disabled
Red: 255
Green: 255
Blue: 150
Alpha: 255
T-style: No
Deployed weapon gap: No
Show player crosshairs: Everyone

The best launch options in CS:GO

CS:GO itself doesn’t take a lot of time to launch, but the interaction video may make it feel like years. Things will only get worse if you also have your sound maxed out, so make sure to use this launch option to save time and your hearing.
This launch command disabled the joystick support of CS:GO. Most players believe that it reduces the amount of memory CS:GO needs, thus increasing the overall performance.
This command will set CS:GO’s priority to high for your CPU. This means that your CPU will focus more of its resources to help CS:GO run better, increasing your total frame count by a couple of numbers in the process.
-tickrate 128
The competitive servers on CS:GO run on 128 tick rate while others keep it at 64. This command sets the tick rate to 128 for all “Offline with Bots” matches which comes in handy if you’re looking to practice some in-game mechanics.
+cl_forcepreload 1
Not everyone plays with a fast SSD that allows them to load into matches in a matter of seconds. If you have a slower hard drive and find yourself still loading while others get into the game, you can try out this console command to preload most map details and sounds. This will decrease your loading times, but CS:GO may start using slightly more memory.
All old school CS:GO players will have a bunch of commands that they’ll need to enter or want to try out upon launching CS:GO. While there’s a hotkey for opening the console, you can also have it open by default every time you launch CS:GO.

You’ll need to right click on CS:GO from your Steam library and click on “Properties” to use the above launch options. Head over to the “General” tab, and “Launch Options”

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